UK Identification and Verification

Should you wish to forward UK traffic you need to complete the Identification and Verification compliance process.

Until this process is successfully completed we will not be able to accept any UK traffic referred by you.

As a licenced and regulated operator, we have to satisfy, all requirements and requests in regard to a full and detailed disclosure of our legal entities (including our beneficial owners) to the Regulators. We want to assure you that this data is not being collected for any other reason, and will be securely stored and retained in accordance with applicable law. These records will also only be viewable by our Legal and Compliance departments, together with Senior Management, as determined necessary.

With that in mind, we request the following key information:

For your Company:

  1. A copy of your certificate of incorporation/registration;
  2. Proof and full details of your registered office;
  3. Details of ALL directors (see below for individual requirements);
  4. Details of any non-director who performs a senior managerial role within the Company (see below for individual requirements); and
  5. Details of any and all shareholder(s) who own more than 25% of the company (see below for individual requirements).

For Individuals:

  1. A reply by email confirming the Individual's Country of residency; and
  2. Full name, with a copy of a valid Government-issued colour document for that individual, such as Passport, ID Card or Driver’s Licence,

If you operate under any other basis, save for a Limited Company (or similar), or as a sole trader/ individual, then please contact us immediately so that we can confirm what documents are required.

Please send the documents to